Floor Plans

Oasis 4


The Oasis 4 is a well-appointed family home that maximises space to its full potential. Three of the bedrooms have their own ranchslider straight onto the deck. This lets fantastic natural light into the home making it a warm and inviting place to be.

Oasis 4

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Do you Provide Finance for your Homes?

No, we do not provide long term finance for our homes. However we can provide bridging finance to help facilitate your lenders requirements. Some banks are reluctant to finance a manufactured home due to them having limited security of their funds during the offsite manufacturing process.

Once the home has been delivered to site, the bank regains full security of their investment and is happy to release funds. In these situations, we can help by offering bridging finance options.

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You’ll be taken care of from start to finish throughout our 6 step process, working with one team through design, permits, build, installation and handover!