Frequently Asked Questions

Planning & Design

Can I make any changes to your floorplans?

Yes, our floor plans can be tweaked to include your own personal touch. Every site has specific needs so we incorporate these into the design of your home. It is a good idea to work from one of our designs as a starting point and your Home Consultant will guide you through the design process to incorporate your changes.

Do I need a geotechnical report?

A site specific Geotechnical or Site Suitability Report is required, we will take care of this unless you already have one.

What property information do I need to supply?

We have a great team who are able to get most information required, however if you do have access to property information this can also be really helpful to our team. If you are buying through an agent, they may have property file information already, such as titles, consent notices, subdivision documents.

Can I build a second dwelling on my site?

If you already have a dwelling on your site, there will be specific requirements depending on your local council as to whether you can build another dwelling. Points to take into consideration are the district plan zone and rules, size of your section and what you already have on your land. It’s a good idea to talk to a planner or the council to see if it’s permitted as it depends on your district plan and rules. Our Home Consultants will also be able to help you through this process.

Do I need a building consent?

Yes, all of our homes require a council building consent prior to construction commencing. We have an in house planning team and we will act as your agent, applying for your consent and managing the whole process with council, right through to CCC sign off.

Can I arrange some of the works and materials for my new home?

No, we like to make the build process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible for you, which is why we have some rules when it comes to owner supplied items.

While it may sound appealing to use a ‘cheaper’ alternative, usually the hassle and delays that can be caused is not worth it in the long run. Bear in mind, our warranty is also voided on any items supplied outside of the Advance Build range. We take no responsibility for owner supplied items that are damaged or have faults with them.

  • If there is a product you have in mind that you’d really like to incorporate into your new home, please let us know what it is so we can research the product and its warranties/install guidelines.
  • If it’s something we are confident about installing in your new home, we will purchase it and incorporate it into our factory build process of your new home.
  • If not, we will ask you to either choose something from our range or find a similar product we are confident to install. After you have reached Practical Completion and council sign off on your home, you are welcome to then purchase and install the special item.


Do you build cabins?

No we don’t build cabins, our smallest home is the Oasis 1 design at 60m2, which is small enough to be classed as a minor dwelling depending on your local council. We have a range of homes from 60m2 to 155m2 – browse our floorplan range here: Floor Plans

Do you build on site?

No, all of our homes are built undercover in our purpose built factory in Waipapa. Off-site manufacturing is a superior construction method where your home is built in a controlled environment, protected from the outside elements.

Can you build your homes on a concrete floor?

No, our floors are constructed using NZ timber to ensure the homes can be transported to site. The homes are transported to site and installed on timber pile foundations

How long will it take to build my home?

It will be around 8-10 months from signing the contract, to reaching Practical Completion on your new home.

Once the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, the council drawings commence and the process is followed through to obtain a Building Consent. The timeframe of this process varies depending on the site and complexity of the project.

Construction of your home takes around 9 weeks to complete. Your home is prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, which means there are no weather delays.

Once your home is completed in the factory it will be delivered to site, with further works such as decks, baseboards and stairs completed. Your home will also be connected to services such as power, and waste water. This stage can take six to eight weeks depending on the level of site work involved.

Do you build two story homes?

We build single level homes, constructed in the factory. If you require a basement garage, this is a site specific request so please speak with your Home Consultant about this.

Site Work

Can you do solar power for my new home?

Yes, we have specific options available for an off-grid system. Solar requirements are very specific depending on your site and lifestyle. Chat with your home consultant to determine the best option.

Do I need to arrange my own site services (septic/power/water)?

No! Leave it all to us, we specify the necessary septic system, water tanks, power connections and driveway if necessary for your project and ensure they are approved by council prior to works starting. All the site services will be carried out by our site team.


Do you provide finance for your homes?

No, we do not provide long term finance for our homes. However we can provide bridging finance to help facilitate your lenders requirements. Some banks are reluctant to finance a manufactured home due to them having limited security of their funds during the offsite manufacturing process. Once the home has been delivered to site, the bank regains full security of their investment and is happy to release funds. In these situations, we can help by offering bridging finance options:

1. The Client must have sufficient funds approved to be able to complete the project and must supply written evidence of the same.
2. The client must be able to pay the 10% deposit on signing the contract agreement.

Finance Options:

  • Option 1
    Finance Fee: 1% of the total contract value
    Payment terms:
    10% on signing the contract agreement
    80% on delivery of the dwelling to the client’s site
    10% at Practical Completion
  • Option 2
    Finance Fee: 2% of the total contract value
    Payment terms:
    10% on signing the contract agreement
    90% at Practical Completion
  • Option 3
    Finance Fee: 3% of the total contract value
    Payment terms:
    10% on signing the contract agreement
    90% on receipt of Council Code of Compliance Certificate.

Note: Option 3 is available only where Advance build is responsible for 100% of the work to be completed for CCC.

What is your home build Warranty?

We offer a 10 year warranty on your new home, covering workmanship and materials.

Additionally, a 1 year period to remedy any defects in your new home is included.

Does your insurance cover my home under construction?

During construction the insurance is covered by Advance Build to protect your home. You will be responsible for insuring the dwelling from the date of Practical Completion.

Where do you deliver your homes?

We use skilled house movers to deliver our homes to the Far North, Whangarei, Kaipara/Rodney and Auckland regions. For every new home we will do a site route check, to ensure the design chosen can be delivered to your site.