The Art of Prefabricated Construction: A 9-Week Journey with Advance Build NZ

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The Art of Prefabricated Construction: A 9-Week Journey with Advance Build NZ

15th Jan 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of home construction, prefab factory homes have emerged as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. The allure of a custom-built home without the extended timelines associated with traditional construction has fueled the rising popularity of prefabricated construction. In this blog, we embark on a 9-week journey into the heart of Advance Build NZ’s prefab factory, unravelling the meticulous process that transforms a concept into a dream home.


The Importance of Understanding the Construction Process:

Understanding the journey your home takes from inception to delivery not only instils confidence but also fosters a deeper connection with the final product. With this knowledge, you can become active participants in the creation of your dream space. 

Throughout the entire 9-week factory construction process, we stay in constant contact with our customers and send them weekly updates containing photos of their new prefab build. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of what happens in each of the 9 weeks:


Week 1 – Subfloor Construction 

The journey begins with the subfloor construction. This week also marks the commencement of wall framing, setting the stage for the transformation that lies ahead.


Week 2 – Standing Wall Frames

As the second week unfolds, wall frames are installed, creating the rooms for your new home. The initiation of wrap, tapes, plumbing pre-pipe, and electrical pre-wire also commences – laying the groundwork for the home’s future functionality.


Week 3 – Wrap & Clad

Week three is where the cladding takes centre stage, and insulation completion ensures comfort and warmth for your new home. The structure begins to take on its final form, promising both security and cosiness.


Week 4 – Windows, Walls and Paint:

Cladding and window installation are completed to bring the home to lock-up stage. The planned work for the following week sets clear goals for the completion of interior wall linings and exterior paint, bringing the vision closer to reality.


Week 5 – Interior Transformations:

The focus shifts inward during Week Five as the interior lining reaches completion. Simultaneously, ongoing cladding furthers the harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. The home begins to exude a sense of completeness.


Week 6 – Finishing lines:

Week six marks the culmination of finishing lines, bringing the interior space closer to completion. 


Week 7 – Colours, Tiles, and Fit-Outs:

With the completion of interior painting, Week Seven sets the stage for the final act. Preparation for tiling and ongoing fit-outs add layers of sophistication. The home begins to showcase its unique character, reflecting the personalised touches that make it distinctly yours.


Week 8 – Kitchen Dreams and Carpeted Realities:

Week eight is a celebration of functionality and comfort. Ongoing interior fit-out, especially in the heart of the home—the kitchen—takes precedence. Simultaneously, the installation of carpet introduces a tactile layer of warmth.


Week 9 – The Final Stretch:

In Week nine, the interior fit is completed, and the hum of activity surrounds the installation of carpet. As the finishing touches fall into place, the dream home is on the cusp of realisation.


As we wrap up this 9-week journey through prefabricated construction with Advance Build NZ, it’s essential to reiterate the meticulous planning and execution that underpin every stage. Customers can rest assured that their dream homes are crafted with precision, combining efficiency with the flexibility to personalise. The anticipation for the final product and its imminent delivery is met with the understanding of the benefits of prefabricated construction—efficiency, precision, and a seamless fusion of form and function.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the modular home construction process, prefab factories, and the prefabrication construction process, Advance Build NZ provides a comprehensive resource hub: Advance Build NZ Process.

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