With learning environments and teaching spaces being constantly upgraded to achieve this goal, our schools have become exciting, interesting and ever-changing places. However, the combination of students and a construction zone makes for a potential safety and logistical nightmare.

Ultimately any building works need to be completed in the shortest possible time with minimal disruption to classes while conforming to the budget approved by the Board of Trustees or key stakeholders.

Advance build can deliver off-site construction that significantly enhances the safety of students and in turn, reduces the amount of administrative work needed to meet OSH requirements. Building off-site in a controlled environment achieves this and substantially shortens the construction timeline meaning teachers and students can enjoy the comfort of their new workspace much sooner. With all major construction completed before delivery, there is little disruption to the syllabus.

Advance build works closely with schools to deliver an exciting package, while staying within the boundaries of approved funding.

Choose from the cleverly designed range of classrooms in the our series or Advance build can customise a plan to suit your specific needs. Whatever you decide, the buildings will be constructed, delivered and fixed on site either as a shell or complete with desks and chairs and any soft furnishings you require. It’s the fastest and easiest solution for extending teaching and learning spaces.