It is a commercial reality that time is money and every day that your business is non-productive you’re losing potential income. An efficient, organised and well presented workplace is important to any business, and an Advance build workplace gives you just that.

Your new office, amenities block  or work space will be constructed off-site ensuring time frames are met, high quality is maintained and your business can continue without disturbance during the building process.

For businesses in an expansion phase, the presence of contractors with plant and equipment on site can cause disruption to day to day operations. Advance build commercial buildings are built in a controlled environment which means adverse weather will not affect the building program, concerns relating to OSH requirements are easily managed, and the project can be completed on a specified date.

Whether it’s a new venture or an extension of an existing business space, Advance build can create a custom design for you and create the fastest, easiest solution to build your business.